WHY?  I became a cycling coach because it is merger of three things that I am passionate about: Cycling (obviously), Data Analysis/Technology, and helping others reach their full potential.   

HOW?  It's all about the process.  I am a USAC Level 3 Coach and Power Certified by Hunter Allen (the guy who wrote the book on training with a power meter).  I use the framework developed by Hunter and Dr. Andy Coggan to train my athletes.  In addition, I am a big believer in having a "Growth Mindset" and incorporate that in my coaching.  Most importantly, EVERY ATHLETE IS DIFFERENT!  You will not get a canned training plan from me… your plan is based on your goals, strengths, limiters, and schedule.

WHAT?  I coach through TrainingPeaks, which is a fantastic tool for cyclists.  I also use WKO4 for deep analysis of training data.  WKO4 offers insight that was never before possible and is real game-changer for training and racing with a power meter.  For clients in NW Ohio / SE Michigan I put together events (seminars, training rides, power tests).  I am also the coach for a local racing team, the Maumee Valley Wheelmen.  You can explore the different coaching packages on the Services page

Always Compete- Standing on the podium is the result of winning every day by knocking out key work outs.

Work Smart, then Hard - Time available for training is our biggest limitation.  We need to invest time up front to determine goals, strengths, weaknesses, and optimize your time on the bike.

Embrace the Process - The process of continuous, measurable improvement is its own reward.

Everyone is Different - No two athletes are the same, make your path your own.

Belief - The first step to progression is believing you can get there.


About the coach


Coaching for cyclists seeking high performance.

To "Attack" is to put forth a hard effort to separate yourself from the rest of the field or group. 

Attacking requires confidence, determination, and grit.  I believe that these traits are trainable and need to be present in competition, but more importantly, in training and in daily life.